Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Boy Bathroom

The boys' bedrooms are connected with a Jack-n-Jill bathroom. The toilet and bathtub are shared, but each boy has their own sink.

The cabinets used are a fun green color. The cabinet maker called it John Deere Green and that's about what it is! I love it.

Inside the shared portion, the boys towels are hung on an oar that I put hooks on.

The doors open into this room and leave enough space for the old nightstand and lamp.

I found a new home for my propellers that were hanging in the old house in Little JCrew's room.

These propellers were my dad's. He had a propeller repair shop while I was growing up. I came up with a way to hang them on the wall and duplicated it at this house. Putting them above the toilet seemed to keep them out of the way so no heads would knock into them.

The shower curtain is the one from our bonus bath in the old house. I surprisingly found a striped rug that went with it.

Peeking into one room, you see the cabinet and mirror.

But looking in the other direction, you see the linen closet.

This was also a room that we tiled ourselves, so I am pretty proud of it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Little JCrew's Room

The boys are currently sharing Little JCrew's bedroom as both of theirs. At the townhouse, all four of us shared one bedroom. And when we moved, we all slept in the master bedroom for a while as the boys got use to the new house. They started napping in the rooms upstairs and eventually moved upstairs for nighttime as well.

At the old house, Little JCrew had twin beds.

I sold the twin bed setup, as I knew I could build another one, but I ended up changing the set up. I found these iron beds that I loved.

The small desk is one from my childhood. I think it was my sister's. I am using it as a nightstand for both beds.

The chair is one my mom found antiquing. It had some black leather in poor shape on the seat, and she replaced it last summer with a ticking fabric. I really like the back of it and the color of the wood. I didn't want to change that part at all.

And I recreated my lampshades and gave each boy a lamp on the desk. The boys love it and use them as they read.

The original lamp with shade is in the bathroom.

Little JCrew's room stayed with the nautical theme. There are all things boat related.

And I threw in the turtle shell. It's a sea turtle!

My dollhouse is currently in their room. The boys just have it on display as I really don't have a space for it yet, but I find superheros using the house all the time.

The curtains in the room came from JC Penney. I wasn't sure what kind of treatments I wanted, but once I tried these in there, I got them for all the bedrooms upstairs. They darken the room and go well with any decor. I did have to sew panels together to make them wide enough for the windows. This being the only window covering, I needed them to be wide enough.

And I continued my theme of no door to the bathroom upstairs! I wanted to make the bathroom a fun extension of the bedroom you could see without a door being in the way. I really love the green cabinets!

The room started out with the one painting  until I came across something that would work over their beds.

I thought of doing two different things, but yet make them the same, but when I came across these whale cutouts, having two of the same thing was okay.

The only thing I have tossed around is the idea to add a rug. Sounds silly to add a rug onto carpet, but I think it would tie the two beds together. Thinking of a blue rug like the one I am eyeing for the Dining Room.

I think I can say this space is finally done. It is our hangout room at night as we read our books and give hugs and kisses.
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