Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bonus Room

The Bonus Room is not complete, but I'll share how far it has come along.

The first thing in this room was a couch. We bought a small couch from Costco.

We had a small bookcase that we kept the small TV on and the VCR player.

And you saw the music side of the room with the guitar's hanging.

We eventually upgraded the TV in that room and bought a console to conceal more toys.

It is definitely meant to be a fun room where all the playing happens and that's what goes down. Mister Pfitzer loves to get play time up here because it is a whole different set of toys he doesn't get to play with often.

It is a fun room that I am not done with. It is functional in how we have all the toys with easy access, but I'm not loving the look. I'm all about having toys easily accessible so the toys are actually played with, but I battle putting them on shelves to look "nice" but then I know they won't get played with.

Stay tuned for updates to this room.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Guitar Hanging

The Bonus Room is coming together in phases, but it's definitely a hangout spot.

I always envisioned it being our music room, and it definitely has a music side of the room. We have various instruments we put on display in that room. Mr. JCrew has an electric guitar and my dad had a guitar.

We at first bought wall hangers for the two guitars to get them off of the ground.

Then my mom came home with another guitar. She put it in the toy closet and it was taking up too much room on a shelf, so I went out and bought another hook to hang the third guitar.

The space below the guitars has some more musical instruments so that the boys can just breakout in music at any time. The wire cubes came from the old house and work for the moment. It's not my favorite set up, but I am living with it. I don't know if new cubes that are all the same color would work or if it needs to change all together. I actually have more wire pieces to make it longer, if needed.

We'll see how this area changes. I really like having the guitars hanging on the wall.

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