Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Living Room Mirror

I have been living with a blank wall in the living room. There are not many walls in this room, as it is very much a part of the open-concept. 

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do on that wall.

Right now I am really into textures. What grabs my eye is when multiples things are together but all the same color. I contemplated adding trim to that wall and painting it the color of the wall. It would add interest, yet not be bold. I researched a lot of different styles and found many I liked.

I even thought of doing it myself, but I wasn’t sold on the idea enough as I was not finding myself going to the lumber store right that minute.

I then was watching a Fixer-Upper and saw a mirror in the entryway. That was it! I needed a large mirror on that wall. I wanted the EXACT mirror I saw on Fixer Upper! 

Fixer Upper

The mirror was a great idea because it would make you feel like there was a window there. It would continue the look out the front door, yet you’d actually be looking at the backyard! There are glass doors leading to the backyard that are picked up by the mirror.

I searched for the Fixer Upper mirror and found similar ones at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. But with the size, I had to be aware of the weight and make sure the mirror could be hung in the landscape position and not the portrait way. That was the hard part. Most large mirror were wardrobe mirrors that are meant to be leaned against a wall (with proper anchors).

Pottery Barn - Berke
Pottery Barn

My mom was then looking at Old Time Pottery and found lots of large mirrors. I found time to go and look for myself. I looked the first time and thought about it. But I went back the next day and hung it the minute I got home. 

Luckily, how it was centered on the wall lined up with studs and I did not have to use special anchors! That right there, made me so excited! In ten minutes, the mirror was hung and I was happy. 

I love the way it looks. It really does give the illusion. I love mirrors that pretend they are windows! And the itch to decorate that wall has now subsided.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Gardening

We are in Zone 7, and it is that time to start prepping for the Spring. I really start itching to get back in the yard this time of year. Luckily there are things to do.

Mostly, it's things like planning that can be done now. But in January, I start pruning. I don't have much to prune, but I do go around and remove dead growth on bushes, trees that I can see now that there are no leaves.

I have a lot of Limelight Hydrangeas and I prune them back this time of year. I started out only having a few.

But then I added more, and the lonely few weren't creating the hedge I was looking for.

Since they are not the same age, I am trying to trim them back to help them all get the same height.

Last year, the boys helped me trim and they did great. I don't remember exactly what I did, but you can see the older bushes have some straight stalks. We'll see if I can get the newer bushes growing that way.

Older LimeLight

Younger Limelight

I also trim my one and only Crepe Myrtle. This will be the last year I trim it. The past few years, I have been training it to be a tree. I think it is finally there. The tops of the limbs where I trimmed were not that thick, but they should thicken up this year and I don't wont to commit crepe murder!

The little tree has come a long way!

Plants can be time consuming at the beginning to get them "trained" as I call it. But once they are mature, it is smooth sailing and you can sit back and enjoy!

I need to start posting more about the yard. It has come a long way and I didn't realize it until I went through old pictures.  Makes me appreciate all the sweat and sore muscles.

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